“What separates a vibrant successful company from one that is unresponsive and sluggish?”

For us at Information Worker, the living dynamic company possesses the ability to leverage information and time to its advantage. We frequently attend business meetings where we encounter both types of companies - the living, breathing company and the struggler.

At such meetings, business people who characterise the former are sharp, creative and effective. Such people are proactive in their use of information, which is always at their fingertips, while the latter struggle to identify and use information pertinently.

Our product InfoPlain is not for every organisation, just for those organisations which recognise that business value is created through better business collaboration and who appreciate that information availability confers the ‘edge'.

InfoPlain has great potential for every organisation, where it carries two chief objectives: the first is to increase productivity, while the second is to optimize the storage, retrieval and delivery of contextualised information.

“Governance is the process of decision making and the process by which decisions are implemented”

In business today we collaborate with powerful technologies that allow us to deliver outcomes faster, however what needs to be considered in the race for faster communication, is maintaining internal governance constraints and regulatory rules to minimise business risk.

From this perspective InfoPlain is unique, as it provides a sophisticated constraint-based configuration capability to manage business governance. We see organisations as living fabrics, where the fabric consists of human interchanges around information.

A certain flexibility and dynamic tension is given to the fabric, by optimizing information driven processes and increasing the vigour of your business collaborations!

“Business Collaboration is directed collaboration that conforms to business policy”